Tabungan Lingkungan and Tarakan Award Ceremonies

On Thursday 21st February, coinciding with the National Waste Day, DKPP (Cleaning Agency) organized the Tabungan Lingkungan Reward Ceremony together with the Tarakan Lestari Award by the Environmental Management Agency (BPLH).  The event opened with a report on Tabungan Lingkungan  by Abd. Azis, Head of DKPP followed by reports on the Tarakan Lestari Award by Djamaludin, Head of  BPLH. After the report, the Regional Secretary of Tarakan City, H. Badrun gave a speech.

Tabungan Lingkungan is an inorganic waste recycling programme started on February 21st 2012 and run by students to reduce the amount of household waste sent to landfill.   Students bring inorganic waste to school and present the waste to the Taling team which consists of teachers and the Cleaning Agency as the supervisor. The team weighs the sellable waste and note it into student’s saving book (in rupiahs). Schools running the Tabungan Lingkungan  in 2012 were given rewards in the following categories – teachers leading the programme in the school; most active student (most number of times donating waste) and student who saved the most (total weight contributed).  There are 8 schools involved, 3 Elementary Schools (SD 006, SD 018, SD 024), Junior High School (SMP 1, SMP 4, SMP 9), Senior High School (SMK 1, SMA 1).  In 2013, this programme will running in 24 schools.

The Tarakan Lestari Award itself is similar to the Kalpataru Award The Kalpataru Award is a national award given to an individual or a group of people who devote their time to the preservation of the environment by Indonesian Government, whereas the Tarakan Lestari Award is given by Tarakan government.  The jury consists of Cleaning Agency, Environmental Management Agency and the Forestry Agency. Award categories are Tarakan Sustainable Reforestation; Biological Diversity; and Waste Management.  Tabungan Lingkungan Award and Tarakan Lestari Award has been merged due to the presence of a Waste Management category in the Tarakan Lestari Award in order to further highlight efforts made and celebrate National Waste Day.