NTB Province Fostered Village (Kampung Binaan) Programme Socialisation Meeting, 19th September 2012

As part of the Foster Village programme preparations and public consultations are being held regarding the implementation of the programme.  This initial outreach activity took place on 19th September at the West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB) Provincial Forestry Department.  The meeting was attended by 30 participants including local government officials, NGOs, academics and community representatives.

It was explained to the participants that the Fostered Village (Kampung Binaan) Programme involves all relevant stakeholders, especially private companies, in terms of mobilising and facilitating community groups at the village level to manage household waste in an integrated manner that includes home composting, waste bank and organic gardens, in addition to awareness raising and capacity building within the community in order to create a more self-sufficient solid waste management system.  The purpose of the meeting was to make the relevant stakeholders gain a clearer explanation of the Fostered Village (Kampung Binaan) Programme so that when implementation starts, all stakeholders can carry out their role in a planned and purposeful manner.  The presentation has been uploaded to the documents page.