Makassar 2012 Aims

Name of City Makassar
Population 1,340,000 (2010)
Waste Generated 600 tonnes/day (2010)
Reduction Target 10% by 2013
Proposed Activities to Achieve the Target
  • Community green and cleaning in each area
  • Each community to get formal certification from the city
  • Collaboration with the private sector
  • Expand community composting plants in 78 neighborhoods
  • 2 temporary integrated disposal sites will be aggregated
  • Central waste bank to be established in the city
  • Training and education center in Makassar
  • Eco-tourism
Proposed Activities to Address Weaknesses
  • Distribute educational tools
  • Creation of a database
Proposed Activities to Mitigate Threats Sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with city and the other stakeholders to establish composting plants
Monitoring/Coordination Mechanism Monthly monitoring meeting
External Risks  

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