Kampar Natural Organic Compost Fertiliser Packs Launch, 13th October 2012

Kampar City Hall formally launched its Natural Organic Compost Fertiliser Packs in association with a twin programme, the Kilo of Kindness campaign which is a campaign to assist the poor thorough food donations.  The event was held on 13th October 2012 at Kampar City Hall with around 400 participants comprising government servants, private sector workers, NGO workers and communities.  Both programmes are local Agenda 21 programmes launched by the Assistant Director of Perak State Economic Planning Unit Mr. Hj. Meor Ismail b. Meor Akim.

All participants at the event received a complimentary 1kg of the Natural Organic Compost Fertiliser in the new packaging as souvenirs and the event was also further publicised by the Kampar Compost mascots Diki and Dita.  This event has further helped the Kampar in promoting and educating people about the benefits of the KitaQ System Composting.  Production of the Kampar Natural Organic Compost Fertilizer begun in early October with the promotional phase running until the end of December 2012.  To date about 500 kg has been distributed as souvenirs with a target of 1000 kg (1 tonne)/month in 2013 being sold, used in Kampar’s nursery/landscape area or given away.  A two page introductory sheet has also been produced by Kampar and has been uploaded onto the documents page.