Cebu City 2012 Aims

Name of City Cebu City
Population 810,000 (2011)
Waste Generated 470 tonnes/day (2010) 50% organic
Reduction Target 35% by 2013
Proposed Activities to Achieve the Target
  • Award mechanism for eco-agri and eco-tourism barangays
  • Barangay Environmental Officer (BEO) programme for door-to door collection of bio waste
  • Partnership with academia and private sector
  • Monthly buying of compost by the city
Proposed Activities to Address Weaknesses
  • Solid waste management (SWM) priority projects with barangays, including composting and greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction
  • Incentives for greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction by barangays
Proposed Activities to Mitigate Threats  
Monitoring/Coordination Mechanism
  • Monthly monitoring meeting with barangays and BEOs
  • Data monitoring
External Risks  

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