Balikpapan 2012 Aims

Name of City Balikpapan
Population 630,000 (2010)
Waste Generated 500 tonnes/day, 60% organic
Reduction Target 10% by 2012, 20% by 2014
Proposed Activities to Achieve the Target Expand community-based composting in all 12 sub-districts
Proposed Activities to Address Weaknesses Develop composting regulations by 2014 and receive government funding for all the composting activities
Proposed Activities to Mitigate Threats
  • Education, training, information dissemination
  • Utilization of composting for city greening activities
Monitoring/Coordination Mechanism Conduct monthly meetings with community groups
External Risks Compost produced may not be attractive for farmers due to cheaper chemical fertilizers.  In this case, the government will use the compost

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