Badulla 2012 Aims

Name of City Badulla
Population 45,000 (2011)
Waste Generated 25 tonnes/day (2011) 80% organic
Reduction Target 10% by 2013
Proposed Activities to Achieve the Target
  • Master plan for solid waste management and composting
  • Establish marketing strategy for composting and recycling
  • Home composting
Proposed Activities to Address Weaknesses
  • Capacity building for the solid waste management team
  • Ensure law enforcement
Proposed Activities to Mitigate Threats Public and private support mut be galvanised
Monitoring/Coordination Mechanism
  • Establishment of a regulatory committee and monitoring committee
  • 4 personnel have already trained by JICA will be utilised as monitors
External Risks Government's land use development may threaten the existance of composting plants

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