About the KitaQ System Composting

The KitaQ System Composting is a decentralised, community-managed approach to solid waste management which avoids the large running and start up costs of top down, centralised systems. It assists local governments and their counterparts to come-up with an action plan, aiming to achieve a 5-10% total waste reduction target within 1-3 years promoting composting practices.


There are a number of key enablers for success which have been identified:

• Preparing the strategic plan and integrated actions with measurable, achievable targets

• Mayoral and other top level support for action

• Selecting of appropriate technology, which is simple, affordable and easy-to-apply

• Building partnerships with different stakeholders

• Ensuring maximum community participation and cooperation through creating incentives and by-laws

• Establishing effective organisational systems, financial mechanisms, supportive policies and regulations

• Finding new markets or improving available market opportunities for composting

• Regular performance monitoring and data tracking